Teimur Gasanov

Senior Software Engineer

I am an engineer with significant experience in web development. Having excellent communication, management, and problem-solving skills, I'm good at finding reliable solutions for atypical problems.

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Senior Web3 Engineer

at Roll 🌍

Sep 2022 - Now

  • Made a company-wide set of packages to reduce code duplication & ease cross-product updates.
  • Led a Web3 initiative to vest social tokens using a UI interface.


Senior Software Engineer

at Klarna 🇩🇪

Jan 2022 - Jan 2023

  • Created a Google Sheet plugin to automate release-candidate testing.
  • Designed screens to interact with digital wallets (Apple, Google, Samsung) & Visa campaigns
  • Led an initiative to make a shared onboarding library used by multiple teams.
  • Held the Siri Shortcuts feature from an idea to a working use case in the Klarna iOS application.


Senior Frontend Engineer

at Toptal 🌍

Sep 2020 - Dec 2021

  • Supported and extended the library of shared components.
  • Performed migration from Jenkins to GitHub actions.
  • Participated in front-end architecture design and modularity investigations.
  • Designed a mentorship program for Monorepo Strategy and successfully mentored five engineers.

Clubhouse (currently Shortcut)

Frontend Engineer

at Clubhouse (currently Shortcut) 🌍

Feb 2019 - Sep 2020

  • Implemented new landing pages for the marketing site using GatsbyJS.
  • Set up auto-generating types from GraphQL schemes.
  • Improved page switching performance by 2 times by moving to code splitting.


Frontend Engineer

at weffect 🌍

Jun 2018 - Jan 2019

  • Designed CSS animation from simple transitions to complex GIF-based animations.
  • Set up international support for up to 20 languages.
  • Covered 95% with unit and snapshot tests.

Attractor Software

Software Engineer

at Attractor Software 🇰🇬

Oct 2016 - May 2018

  • Optimized an existing front-end application runtime performance and start-up speed.
  • Created a browser extension for scrapping, analyzing, and representing the data.



7 years


7 years


7 years

Continuous Integration & Delivery
Continuous Integration & Delivery

6 years


6 years


Ala-too Internatinal University

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Sep 2015 - Jun 2019

  • Created a self-driving toy car using image processing and machine learning techniques.
  • Created a peer-to-peer local network using Go.
  • Participated in competitive programming initiatives.


Jan 2023
Demystifying Debugging With React Developer Tools | Toptal®
Demystifying Debugging With React Developer Tools | Toptal®
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Jul 2021
React State Management Tools for Enterprise Applications | Toptal®
React State Management Tools for Enterprise Applications | Toptal®
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Jan 2021
Machine Learning Digit Recognition Tutorial | Toptal®
Machine Learning Digit Recognition Tutorial | Toptal®
Machine learning and computer vision are not new concepts, yet the availability of new tools and datasets is bringing them to a wider audience. Here is how you can create an app capable of recognizing handwritten digits in less than an hour. #ML #MachineLearning #ComputerVision
Dec 2020
Career growth recipes
Public speech at IT Entrance Belarus 2020.
Sep 2020
IT-специалист: “Toptal – это реальный шанс выйти на новый уровень”
Oct 2019
Guide to the Svelte Framework | Toptal®
Guide to the Svelte Framework | Toptal®
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Oct 2018
GDG Almaty 2018
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Public speech at GDG Almaty 2018.
Sep 2018
PyCon Kyrgyzstan 2018
Data visualization in Python
Public speech at PyCon Kyrgyzstan 2018.
Mar 2018
GDG IWD Bishkek 2018
Optimization of React applications
Public speech at GDG IWD Bishkek 2018.

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